Life Sucks! – my introduction

Life Sucks!

If you don’t think so you haven’t been paying attention. Or you are a fucking idiot. Both of which I think kind of suck! Everyone I know is either suffering or six-feet under. That sucks too! People have shitty jobs, shitty living situation, shitty love lives. And those are the lucky ones. There are plenty of people who are unemployed, homeless and lonely. People deal with addictions, eating disorders, mental illnesses and physical disabilities. We have racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, class-ism and every other motherfucking stupid judgmental bullshit you can imagine. Even those who seem to have everything going their way can get struck with cancer, violent crime, natural disaster or the loss of a child. And our government sucks! They can’t seem to get anything done. Our infrastructural sucks, our healthcare system sucks, our education system sucks! We all suffer from tax laws we don’t like, from spending on things we don’t want, from laws that don’t help us and impede our personal freedom. And the free-market is anything but free. Blame Government, blame Corporations, blame God. Anyway you look at it, it just fucking sucks!!!

So What!

I’m not saying don’t do anything about it. Hell, I’m an activist. I devote my life to working on making the changes I want to see it the world. But change takes time. So I guess what I am saying is, so what the fuck do we do now? Right here, in the moment, with the shitty life that we have been given. What do we do to make make it worth living today? For starters I would say that we recognize that as shitty are our life may seem that there is someone who’s life if a hell of a lot worse. Maybe a little gratitude would be in order. Eh, fuck that! They probably did it to themselves anyway. They probably didn’t work hard enough or didn’t follow the rules or are just aren’t as fucking good as you. You’re pissed off at the people who have it better than you that you don’t think are any better than you. Those assholes who are fucking with your life, making it suck so bad. Yeah! I hear ya. Well ya know what? They probably have someone fucking with their life too… so the question remains… what are you going to do with your own life? And as far as this blog goes, the question is what am I going to do with my life? My plan is to live it as honestly and genuinely as possible. To live with causing as little harm as possible. And to have as much fucking fun as possible!!! If I can actually do a little good… yeah, well that would totally kick ass!

About lefreakshow
A walking contradiction attempting to make sense of this crazy world though the power of creation, exploration and communication.

3 Responses to Life Sucks! – my introduction

  1. Awesome start! Are you going to give us your day to day life or remain more abstract? I would love a way to keep up with you better.

  2. Reya Laing says:

    I’m so excited you got started!!! Yay!!! 😀

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