Homeless or homefree

Working downtown I encounter a lot of people who are homeless. There are many different reasons why someone may find themselves without a permanent place to call home so I really don’t want to put them in one definitive category. For many it’s an absolute tragedy and a disgrace that we as a society can’t do a better job of caring for our fellow earthlings.

For some abandoning the shackles of a permanent residence is simply the best of the available options. Some may wish for better options but for some being homeless is a viable solution to the challenges life presents. I prefer to call these people homefree. Unencumbered by unnecessary belonging; physical, geographical and emotional ties, their daily needs for food, shelter and security are real, tangible and attainable. It may not be a perfect life but no life is. I don’t judge anyone for how they manage to survive so long as it doesn’t require hurting other people. When I look at all of the people downtown it’s not those we call homeless that are causing the most harm.

In a way I envy them. I look at the problems in my life and most of them have to do with maintaining permanence; my home, my possessions and my relationships. Sometimes I wish I had more important things to worry about – not to suggest that relationships aren’t importance, they are. It’s just that when it comes to maintaining relationships the problems seem to stem from the expectation and insistence on permanence. It might be better to accept, support and even encourage the inevitability of change.

Currently my biggest problem is a drippy faucet in my bathtub – a first world problem for sure. It’s a small drip but I still figure it is wasting five gallons of water a day. I have a bucket catching the water so that I can recycle as much as possible but that’s not a permanent solution. I know how to fix it, I know what I have to do, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to get to it before Monday or Tuesday and it’s really not what I want to be doing with my precious time.

Still, as I was biking home from downtown last night, rain beginning to fall as a major storm approached, I felt very grateful that I had a climate controlled and safe place to sleep.

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2 Responses to Homeless or homefree

  1. girlforgetful says:

    I suppose for some it is a choice, but it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. We don’t live in a society that is amenable to such a lifestyle. The fact that tent cities are discouraged and people are told to go away with no where in particular to go is heartless. That it could be any of us doesn’t seem to encourage compassion. That’s an even bigger problem in my opinion.

    • lefreakshow says:

      Thank you for commenting. Choice is one of those problematic words for me. We tend to judge others for the choices they make but we do it with the assumption that they have all the same choices available to them that we do. Or we judge because we are not happy with our choices and see someone making choices that are not available to us. We seem to have more tolerance if we believe a person doesn’t have a choice but I believe we all have choices even if the available choices are different for each person. I would to believe that more choice is better but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that is not true. Am I really better off because I have 78 choices of salad dressing? The bottom line is I choose to not judge and I choose to be compassionate. These are choices that are available to everyone.

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