I found god and it is love

As a result of my experiences over the past days, months and years I have come to have a spiritual awakening. After a lifetime of living with uncertainty, ambiguity and doubt I know understand what really matters. Nothing I have discovered is new. All that I now hold as knowledge has been understood by others for centuries. Yet, despite this readily available information the vast majority of us seem to be working against it.

I’ve never been comfortable with a belief system based in judgement and a concept of right and wrong. I’ve always considered it the height of hubris to insist on being right. I’ve always appreciated not knowing but with the truth staring me right in the face day after day I can no longer deny what I know. I’m just finding it unsettling.

My impulse is to share my new found conviction with everyone, to shout if from the mountain tops, to preach and convert everyone to my way of thinking, but I know that is not how things work. We are all on our own path and I didn’t come to this point by someone else telling me what to think. I’m not going to become that asshole but I am going to go forth with more confidence and conviction. I expect that will cause me to be a little bit more annoying to some. I’ve always been somewhat annoying so I might as well own it.

The fact is that the more people who adopt my way of thinking, the better my life would be. That is quite a motivation but it is also one which is counter to my way of thinking. My way of thinking has made my life pretty miserable. To inflict that on others just seems mean. Still, the more people who adopt my way of thinking, the better the world would be. That is my conviction and therein lies my dilemma.

So I’m going to share what I know but not with the intention of convincing you that I am right. You are free to take it or leave it or use it as measuring stick by which to evaluate and better understand your own beliefs. I hope that it will provide comfort to those who agree with me. I also hope that it will open the doors for compassion and understanding by those who believe differently.

So here is what I’ve got. It’s pretty simple but hopefully no more simply than it has to be.

  • I will honor and accept each moment and all it contains as a gift.
  • I will honor communities, institutions, relationships and identities only to the extent that they serve the individuals.
  • I will honor myself and all others as individuals and equals.
  • I will honor but one law to be greater than all others and that is Love.
  • I will honor the mystery of Love by always learning and growing. 
  • I will honor my life by giving.

There is nothing new in there, it’s pretty simple and it would work if everyone lived this way but most won’t… So, What?!?

About lefreakshow
A walking contradiction attempting to make sense of this crazy world though the power of creation, exploration and communication.

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