Why are single stall restrooms designated men and women?

I’ve always thought this was stupid. In Minneapolis there is a building code that requires bars and restaurants to have two separate bathrooms for men and women regardless of their size . There is always talk of changing this to allow for uni-sex single stall bathrooms but so far nothing has been done about it. Apparently people feel pretty strongly about this. I don’t know, it seems silly to me. Then again, I spend a lot of time with trans-people and gendered bathrooms can be a major concern for this community.

I was at a restaurant for dinner last night and I went to use the bathroom. There were three guys waiting to use the men’s room. One of the guys commented about how strange it was for their to be a line for the men’s room. Another mentioned that the women’s was available so the first guy used it. I see this happen all the time and I never have an issue with using the women’s room. We all pee so what’s the big deal?

The only thing I have to say is to the guys. If your going to pee standing up, please lift the lid. And if you miss a litte, clean it up. Then put the seat down. It’s pretty simple. Just leave things the way you found it. Is that so hard?

So not all of my posts will be about the biggest issues of the day but I hope you will still let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Why are single stall restrooms designated men and women?

  1. jasminerushing says:

    A single stalled restroom sounds like hell on earth, especially when you’ve had a few drinks out and 30 other people have to go at the same time as you.

    • lefreakshow says:

      It is. I’ve been through this situation many times. Single stalled restrooms are common place in the small dive bars I frequent and it can get pretty ridiculous on a busy Friday or Saturday night. What I find even more ridiculous is when there is a line out side of one of the bathrooms while the other one is unused. There are a couple bars in Minneapolis that have found a way around this. They have one multi-stall bathroom with toilets that are available to everyone plus one stall containing a urinal trough for the guys who like to pee together. It works great although it can be hilariously confusing the first time since there is only one bathroom used by men and women and everyone inbetween.

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