Albuquerque – Part 2

I know, these are going to be out order but I simply did not have any time to write yesterday; Fetish Revolution – Part 2 will have to wait. As it is, I only have about half an hour to write this morning before we head out again. It’s a mad dash to get back to Minneapolis – crazy, I know. Why would we want to leave the sunny southwest for snowy Minnesota? What’s even crazier is that it is currently warmer in Minneapolis than it is in Albuquerque. Oh, you Mother Nature! In her infinite wisdom, is she just preparing us for what’s to come? I suppose not, but it’s harmless to believe there is divine intervention at play.

So yesterday began with a phone call from Venus at 10 am letting us know that we needed to get up, check out of the hotel and get on the road. When I heard the phone I was hoping it was a call to go out for breakfast and that I could decline and get another couple hours of sleep but there was no such luck. It was time to get back to work. I was pretty hungover for reasons I will have to explain later but in the meantime I sure you can fill in the blanks.

To be honest, I sometimes think that being hungover is easier than what I deal with getting moving on a normal day. The pain in my head clouds out the pain in my body and makes me focus on the task at hand. Besides, hangovers go away in time; chronic illness does not. Without a doubt, yesterday was easier than today. Today is just miserable. On the plus side, being on the road does greatly simplifies my life. I only have to deal with whatever I brought with me. When it’s time to leave I just need to pack up everything I own and go – no decisions.

On our return to Albuquerque we drove the southern route which took us through Los Cruses, NM. I guess there was snow in Flagstaff so this turned out to be the most logical course but it also meant we could stop by and see our friends David and Donnie for a brief visit. They are such a wonderful couple and I miss them terribly. I wish we could have stayed longer but we still had another three hours before we would reach our final destination.

It was almost 11pm before we pulled in at Jule’s in Albuquerque. We had just enough time to exchange pleasantries and catch up a bit. I helped myself to a beer in the fridge and Venus and I slipped into the hot tub. Knowing that we had a hot tub waiting for us may have been the only thing that got up through those last few hours.


Seriously, I don’t know how bands do this, drive all day and then perform. I mean I know I have done it before but it is hell. Sure it would be easier in a tour bus but it’s not like I was driving. There is no way I would want to perform after 11 hours on the road.

Anyway, we made it. We are staying spending the night in Albuquerque with our friend Jules who just bought a new house in Old Town. Not much more to write about so I think it’s time to hop in the hot tub.

Naked in the hot tub

Naked in the hot tub

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