The winter of my content

For two days I have done next to nothing. I have fed my cat, fed myself and tended to my other bodily needs but that is about it. I haven’t created a damn thing and I have nothing to show for my time on this planet.

I’m not depressed or anxious or fatigued. I’m not lonely or horny or bored. I’m not angry or frustrated or disappointed about anything. I have no desire to get drunk. I’m not bothered by desire at all. Everything is fine. I’m just content.

In a way, that seems like the worst thing of all. It certainly doesn’t make for a very interesting story.

Still, I’m not saying that I want it to change. I am after all content. Furthermore, I’m sure it will change in time. As they say, “all things in moderation”.

For now I am content, so what?!?

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