Burning the candle at both ends

I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or proud but I did it. I managed to get through the day. I woke up this morning at exactly 10am in an absolute panic.

I ask myself, “What day is it? What do I have to do today?”

“Oh yeah, it’s Wednesday. I have to deliver CityPages and shit I’m running late!”

While driving to the paper it dawned on me that today was the big Best of the Twin Cities issue.  It’s three times as big as a regular issue with a glossy cover and hard spine. This is the biggest issue of the year and a good deal more work to deliver. It’s the kind of day where getting a good night’s sleep would have really helped.

That’s not what happened though. Instead I stayed up until four in the morning talking on the phone and drinking. What was I thinking?

My plan was to spend the evening writing a new blog post. I have a couple great ideas for articles I want to write. Instead I wound up going over and over my last post, rewriting and correcting errors. Turns out I’m a pretty shitty writer, especially when I’m drunk. Sure the words flow easier when I’m lubricated but perhaps that is not always a good thing. Since my blog is starting to get some attention I think I owe it you, the reader, a fresh re-read in the morning before hitting that “publish” button.

By the way, I did just reread that last post and still made a few corrections. I offer no guarantee that future posts will be much better. I really need an editor!

So I never got to writing last night. Instead I took the time to drunk dial some of my friends. I got to talk to one of my closest friends who lives out of state. We only had about 10 minutes to talk but it was really good to catch up.

I went on facebook to see which of my friends were up. There I found a musician friend of mine who I hadn’t heard from or seen in months. I’m used to him randomly drunk dialing me but it had been quite a while since that happened. I wanted to know how he was doing so I gave him a call. Turns out the reason I hadn’t heard from him was because he has been sober for the past three months.

I told him I thought that was wonderful and promised my support in any way possible. We talked about sobriety, the importance of friends, bands, music, songwriting, and writing in general. We talked for almost three hours.

By this time, I figured that one of the mutual friends we had been talking about would be home from the bar. I decided to give her a call. I knew that she would also be supportive of our friend’s sobriety. I talked to her for a couple minutes and then she handed the phone to her co-worker who was hanging out with her.

I don’t know if I have ever talked to my friend’s co-worker before but we talked for a good half hour last night. This was another great, deep conversation about age, knowledge and wisdom.

Next thing I knew it was approaching four in the morning. I really needed to get some sleep. I needed to work in the morning. Really, what was I thinking? I never should have gone to the liquor store the day before the Best of… issue.

A Big Day

I guess any day you start something new is a big day. I’ve actually been dreaming of this day for many years and to be honest it is nothing like I dreamed. My dream was much bigger. My dream was much more involved. But every dream begins with a single step and I’m excited to see where this simple little step may lead. Considering how many days I’ve struggle to accomplish anything, considering how many days have gone by when I didn’t take this step, I am proud of myself for finally doing so.

While not nearly as noteworthy as starting a new project there is still more to this day to report. Today is Wednesday and that means the day my work week begins and ends. Okay, I do many other things throughout the week but this is the one “normal” job I have. On Wednesdays I deliver City Pages, a weekly news and entertainment newspaper. I love this job. I’ve been doing it for nearly 7 years now which makes it the longest job I’ve ever held.

Granted, it’s only one day a week, but still, that’s something. It’s a very solitary job. I spend most of my time driving from stop to stop listening to the radio, lost in my thoughts. The 80 times a day when I do stop to deliver papers are brief shots of human joy; exchanging smiles, kind gestures of door holding, pleasant expressions of “How’s it going?” and “Have a nice day!” And on top of that, I get paid! Having five Wednesdays in January was certainly appreciated after draining my bank account yesterday to get my brakes repaired.

Ah yes, and then a trip to the pet store. I was totally out of cat food and litter. I sure hope Didit likes the cat food I got her. I usually get Orijen cat food but since they had a fire at their plant a while back finding it on the shelf has been very hit or miss. The new stuff is from Wisconsin, so if she likes it, I will probably stick with that. Nothing against Canada but I like to buy local and Wisconsin is modestly closer.

Probably the best part of my day is yet to come. Tonight begins rehearsal with the band for our upcoming show in Arizona. We haven’t played together in over a month so I’m super excited to turn it up to 11!

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